Free stuff at Alice Pang’s blog? Has Alice fallen to my level of blogging?

Sometimes you get old and realize that you influence others, and one’s influence isn’t always the greatest.  Alice Pang who is one of the young and brightest in our team, along with Kenny Spade may have picked up on that bad habit of mine in using the word “Free” in her blog titles.  This is a trick of the trade, you use the word free in your title and the web crawlers for the search engines pick it up.

Now Alice, well trained at some of the best schools in the world, well spoken and intelligent, even if she did get an Electrical Engineering degree for her BS, like I did so many years ago, has used the word Free in the title of her blog which can be found at:

And then she uses a great picture like the following, oh this is just so evil.  I have no change against this kind of effort.  My picture is of me riding a wave, and it isn’t even that good, but I like it.

Now you might notice that in my tags I have a lot of free stuff, and its true, by referencing Alice, and Alice referencing Dreamspark, all of that stuff is free.  Really, Free Training with Pluralsight, Free Visual Studio Pro, Free Windows Server 2008 R2 (which can be used for a client), Free Certifications (at least some times during the year).

Ok Free Sounds can be found at, now these are free sounds if you download the games and extract the sounds from the Visual Studio content folders, and you don’t need to have Visual Studio on your system, although you can get Visual Studio for Free from if you are a student.

Also you can get the free security essentials which includes a very good anti-virus from Microsoft at:

So if you haven’t read Alice’s blog lately, give it a try.  It’s free.  And it’s good.


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