Valentine on the cheap: Use Publisher to print out a valentine’s card

Let’s face it, buying a real Hallmark card can be painful:

  • Drive to the Hallmark store
  • Smell the weird smells in those stores (what is that?)
  • Pick out a card
  • Pay HOW MUCH FOR THE CARD!:???!!!
  • Drive from the Hallmark Store

Lot easier way to do Valentine’s is to use Publisher.  If you bought the online version of Office for 99 or so bucks, then you got MS Publisher and you wonder what use is Publisher?

Well one use is to make a valentine’s card for your sweetie.

You have all of these to choose from, make sure you don’t use the same one twice:



So if you use Publisher to replace 20 Hallmark cards, then you save around $100 (considering the tax), thus paying for your copy of Office.  Add a few more and you pay for the printer.  Not bad.  Use it for thank you notes, the savings isn’t all that great, but they look good and you don’t have keep those little thank you note boxes laying around.

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    Thank you for the comment arun!

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