HTML 5: Alice Pang, Queen of HTML 5 shows you how to cheat at HTML 5?!

imageAlice Pang is trying to make a name for herself in the world of blogging, which is a sad thing for me as she does a better job than me at blogging.  And today she presents some useful Cheatsheets on HTML 5. 

Now normally Alice is honest as the day is long (an old American folk saying), but I just have a real problem with someone who shows others how to cheat.  Especially if they did it before I put in my blog.  Darn it!

Well, take a look at HTML 5 cheating on her site at:

HTML5 made easy with HTML5 Cheat Sheets for tags, event handler attributes, and browser support

Sadly, normally I would just copy her material and use in my blog, but for once I just can’t cheat.

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