Office 2010: C#, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Burn before reading

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Deploying Your Solutions:

Deploying Office Solutions:

Tools and Overview information:

Completed Samples showing full up systems:

Excel specific:

Word Specific:

PowerPoint specific:

Word and Excel:


    Developing a Real Outlook Social Connector Provider by Using a Proxy Library:

    All Office products:

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    1. cron22 says:

      Great stuff you have here.  I'll be sure to look at those when my skills get good enough as Office will be an integral part in one of my projects I have plans to begin this summer.  And since I'm new, I'm going to need all the resources out there to get things done right.  Thank you for your excellent material!  And I like the slogan at the beginning of this!  

    2. palermo4 says:

      Sam, this is an amazing post of resources.  Thank you!

      PS:  My last name is Palermo, not Palmermo 🙂

    3. Surf4Fun says:

      Umm, PalMerMo, what was I thinking about?  A pal of the sea with a mole?  Who knows, thank you Palermo4!


    4. cron22 says:

      Wow that was good.  You have me cracking up laughing here.  

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