Office 2010: C# and Office! Secret stuff. Strictly burn before reading

This information is strictly code level: Burn before reading (for translators the previous phrase was a joke, or perhaps this whole blog is a joke, you decide)

Is there anything cooler than programming for Office 2010, no one is doing it, but it could be a great big savings for corporations and people who know the basics look good.  But when I research this material is looks like everyone wants to keep it secret!

In sales departments there is always a need to move data from excel into PowerPoint, and everyone in the department is smart, but do not have a great deal of time to do technology.  How do you save the day?

Create an Add-in for PowerPoint that consumes the Excel data.  Both of the apps would be built using the template approach.  And I will be discussing how to do this over the next few days.

To get started, get Office on your system (whatever approach) and get Visual Studio 2010 Pro.  This isn’t about using the VBA in Office, which is cool as well, but rather about using C# with Office.

Get that done, and then read the next blog.


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  1. cron22 says:

    I am going to keep an eye on this series.  You have great stuff here.  

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