Academic pricing for Office, $99.95: As a CS Student why should you buy MS Office?

Since my numbers are pretty good this month, I thought that I would write about something that is less interesting to most of my readers, but something that you can use to make money off of.

CS students often rely on OpenOffice, etc. for their word processing, etc. and the reality is that by not learning how to program Office and how to use office they are leaving money on the table.  That’s right, once you leave school, most companies are using MS Office, and managers are really pleased with new hires who not only know how to use Excel, Word and Power Point in a deep manner, including programming the applications.  Most managers are struggling with spreadsheets, analysis and “write ups”, if you are able to show them how to implement an efficient process for streamlining their systems, that will yield much goodness from them.  Bear in mind, managers are the people who tell your story, you need them on your side.  Knowing Office makes you someone they want to keep happy!

First off you will need a full version of Office, any version of Office, including the 30 day trials.  But you can get a full version of Office for only $99.95 from:

I realize that I have been discussing game development, and I am passionate about game development, not very good, but passionate.  But from time to time you might get an opportunity to build applications with MS Office.

How do you get started with Office development?  I am writing up a tool that uses Excel with PowerPoint, but for now work through this sample (and I mean work through, don’t read it, just do it, seriously, I know it is easy to just read it and think you got it, but in tests that I have done, it isn’t enough):


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