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Doing some research on how to build an app that uses Skydrive, think leaderboard for games, and the search for useful items turned up a bunch of flotsam (which is different than jetsam by the way).  So here are some of the links I think might be useful, I have looked at most of them and

Live SDK v5.0

Download and install the Live SDK

Live Connect Reference

SkyDrive Photo API sample for WP7

Note on this page there is a mistake:

To get to the application management site to create an application id that can be used for your application.  Definitely follow the recommendation to NOT use your “day-to-day” LiveID, or even the ones you use for those “secret” sites you visit (think: Game sites, etc.).  Make sure if you do create another liveID that you remember the Password!

Obtaining User Consent

Photos Overview


Need this to understand REST, do right after you take your nap

Skydrive JavaScript API

This one is for the JavaScripters!

Windows Live Client Extensibility APIs

Libraries and Controls

Photos Overview

Scopes and permissions

BrandingType enumeration

Identity Class

MyActivities Entry

The complete developer's guide to the SkyDrive API (If you are using JavaScript and Windows 8)

SkyDrive .Net API Client (FYI: Not Microsoft Tool, not a comment on quality)

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