Free Game Design Tools, just in time for Christmas Part 5/5

imageIn previous blogs I gave strong hints (to differentiate them from well written instructions) on how to modify the Platformer game so that it has a Christmas theme.  To really make the case for a Windows Phone and joining up with AppHub to submit games and maybe make a little money!

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This entry Is pretty simple, I have the code I have been working on attached as a zip file.  You should download it and check out the sloppy way that I did the changes. 

So to recap:

Change the Player character, if you use a single image, make sure it looks different when going to the left and then right.  Make sure to keep the background transparent.  Make sure to change the asset names of the player images.

Change the Blocks as described, the blocks are selected randomly from the list and the code expects 7 blocks, so if you want all of the blocks to be a Christmas Present, then you need to change all 7.   Make sure to change the asset names of the blocks.

Change the Gem to a present, Christmas tree or similar, again change the asset name.

Change the background, to keep it simple, use the same image three time, this may seem stupid, it is, but it is simple, the code expects 3 images so supply them.  Again each of the three images require that you change the asset name.

Now run and play the game, show it to others, they will think you a pretty slick person!  Keep in mind that this process will work for the XBox and if you use Dreamspark you can get the software to connect to your XBox.

Since this is a corporate blog, I wish you all a Happy Holidays (instead of that Merry Chr**tmas), and especially a Happy New Year! 

And the Chr**tmas Platformer clearly needs some work, the Santa Claus changes into the original avatar, why is that?  Can you make the change?  How do you change the images in the next levels?

Keep coding and be successful.

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