Expression Blend 4 for the holidays

Wow, if you got no money and you are looking for something to do that might make you money, then consider using Expression Blend to build phone apps.  Quick easy and requires no case on your part if you are a student or have a .edu email account!

I am recently impressed by the ability of Expression Blend, not so much the help files, etc. but with the abilities that seem to lay unexposed by documentation or recent books.  It is like exploring some undiscovered country, or at least barely explored country.  The documentation appears to be scattered, but frankly improving over the past releases.  And the site is the place to go to get started.

<Change note: Fixed broken link>

To get started with Windows Phone Development go to:, get signed up with a liveID (and you can use most emails, certain corporate emails can’t be used), but if you do not have a code then you will need to use your .EDU Email after linking it to a liveID.

Then go to , and download the SDK from the link at the top of the page.

To make money from advertisements go to

If and only if you are a student over 18 years of age AND you are signed up at Dreamspark, then you can get access to being able to submit your phone apps to the marketplace for NO CHARGE to you, your school, the state you live in or the Federal government, Microsoft picks up the tab.  You do not pay $99 as a students.

Now get to work, make some money, NOW.  Use Expression and get to work.

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