Using FarSeer Physics helper in Windows Phone 7 NO CODE development

First you will need to have Visual Studio Pro or Ultimate or Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone 7.1 on your system, and Expression Blend.

In any case, install the Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone 7.1 SDK , unless you have already downloaded it.

Now you can use FarSeer Physics Helper is now working with the Expression Blend 4 version that only works with the WIndows Emulator that is downloaded with the Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone 7.1 SDK.  And you can create a Windows Phone Application with NO CODING!  In fact, it could be a big app on campus!

Learning how to build the apps!

You might see some of the well done (and well meaning) lists that are presented to you so that you can learn how to build apps.  But really?  Do you have time?

So let’s cut through the jungle here and discuss a precise drive to building an app that is not embarrassing to you, but doesn’t take forever to build and test.

Here are six modules that show you how to use Expression Blend 4.0 with Windows Phone 7 support and the FarSeer Physics helper:

Andy Beaulieu is one of those people who define creativeness.  After many decades (yes decades) of being in the software business, you encounter a few people who are unheralded, but simply produce awesome works.  Andy is one of them.  One day I am sure this guy will be fully appreciated.

Applying the videos:

Once you have watched the videos, you will realize that Andy had remade the basic Pong game, using FREE Tools.  Now I don’t know about you, but I have spend many hundreds of dollars on putting together special built hardware that does this very same thing back in the late 70s.  Yes, like in the 70s show.

Now you can do it with no wire wrapping, soldering, or even writing a line of code.  But once you have viewed the videos, which really motivated me to use Physics helper, what can you do with it?

Here are some ideas, and if you are a student, get these built quickly and moving through the AppHub system to show off your work.


  • Elf Hockey (simply change the two sticks for Elf images) and post it to AppHub
  • Christmas tree hockey
  • Santa Claus hockey
  • Reindeer hockey

Moving forward:

These were done with no code, but what about if you used the behaviors in code?  What if you made your own behaviors?

Big App on Campus:

This could be your app to submit for the big app on campus!

Advertising you app:

Feel free to post your deep links on my blog, this could reach ten’s of readers!  But seriously, every link helps!

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