Adobe announced on Nov. 8 that they are ending Flash on mobile support

Oh wow.  They are going to focus on HTML 5. Nice. Adobe has 99% of the PCs in the Marketplace running Flash, but not the mobile marketplace.  iPhone on one side, Microsoft Silverlight on the other side, it would appear that the Flash play would only be for Android, and with the multiple platforms it is likely that Android many different versions was driving Adobe nuts.

But you got to love the statement by an Adobe employee to the Boston Globe:

“So, there we have it. Mobile Flash died a quiet death, which is perhaps fitting because it never made much of a splash while it was alive.”

Ok.  This means that all of the Flash developers had better be looking around for the next big deal.  HTML 5?  Not baked yet folks, changes will be coming, and you have no control over these changes, it is a committee.

Consider Silverlight.

  1. Silverlight is included in the Windows Embedded Compact 7
  2. Silverlight is on the Windows Phone 7
  3. Silverlight is included in the Windows 7.

If you are a student or have a .EDU account you can get free tools from, these free tools are professional grade products.

Otherwise get the “free” tools from

Happy Thanksgiving!

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