Two paths in the wilderness: Silverlight with XNA game management and XNA game management

Long title.

But really, it is two ways to do game management and then there is another branch at the HoneyComb rush.  Naturally you could buy one of the Windows Phone Tools like Synapse’s Sunburn for $150, it might save you time.  I am very tempted to buy it, but then I would have to talk about my use of it and Torque/Garage Games is coming out with their version.  But I know that if you power through the code, then you have more flexibility than if you use the game engines.  My problem is creating 2D animations.

So the branch is the Windows Phone Game State Management using the sample at:

and the other branch of the same thing is the HoneyCombRush Lab version at:

Today, I like HoneyComb rush because it also has the thumbpad, which I like and think should be a feature in the Windows Phone.

The problem with HoneyComb rush is that is uses complex sprite sheets, the little character has separate legs and torso.  Interesting, but needlessly complex for a “lab”.  Or at least I think so.

After reviewing the 108 pages that comprises the two labs, I have to just say, it needs to be broken down into smaller pieces.

And I will.

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