I want to build some phone apps, how many do I need to do till I am good?

Like any professional, you may hit some speed bumps when you are new at something, then later in your career you will hit even more speed bumps and then wish you did something else for a career.  Wasn’t that depressing.  But software after awhile becomes second nature, then you die.  No, stop, that is soooo depressing.

So if you need a number: 10, yes 10, and that is using the same technology.  Seems hard?  Look, it could be a dog whistle, really, but you need to BUILD things and put them out there.

Let me start again, with practice you get better at what you choose to do.  Your mother told me to tell you that, but it is true.

For now, if you want to get started building games:

Get a liveID:

https://signup.live.com/signup.aspx?lic=1 (Note: If you have a Hotmail, Messenger or XBox live account then you have a liveID)

Sign up for Dreamspark, even if you have access to MSDNAA:


If you are student with an email account with a edu at the end and get signed up, this will give you “free” access to the AppHub site and you will be able to upload and sell your phone apps, the Dreamspark account must be attached to your liveID.  With LiveID, you can use any email account to get one, including a gmail account.  Get a LiveID at:

Get the tools:

Once you got all of that done, and you are 18 or over, you can get signed up for the AppHub

Use Microsoft Ad Banner:


Examples in real life:

SpongeBob is a great fry cook and he enjoys it, he gets a great deal of practice at frying whatever he fry’s in the cartoon

  • http://spongebob.nick.com/
  • Truly lame games, seriously, you can do better
  • For example you could use the HoneyCombRush, except change it to Foggy Bottom or whatever the name of the place that spongebob lives.

George Jetson was good at pushing buttons (showing my age here, but you can catch episodes with ads at:

You would create new stories, maybe George has to collect cogs for Spacely Cogs

In the picture below, I hope George Jetson is using his underarm deodorant:


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