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The economy at the end of 2011 is not going well for many groups of people.  Scams are all over the place, I must get hit up by at least one scam a month, and these are what I call “honest” scams, well meaning people who think they have a good idea and they want me to invest.  Not happening.

But what about building Windows Phone 7.1 Apps?  Can you get rich by learning how to build Windows Phone Applications, loading up to the Windows Market Place and selling the app for $0.99, having an ad banner on it, tying it to an online game?  Maybe.  So what is the investment?  You will need a computer that can run the dxdiag from the start menu search line and show that you have a WDDM of 1.1 (I have two displays, so your diagnostic may vary).  This diagnostic can be run from every computer that I have tested at Fry’s and the Microsoft Store, in case you are buying at the store.  If you own a computer and it doesn’t run this, you might be able to upgrade the bios.  If you have a desktop, and it is using the onboard video drivers, you can override the onboard device and add a upgraded video card.  A few Dell Alien laptops have a way to upgrade the video card on the laptop with a better one, but I don’t know how to do that.

If you are buying a computer and you are not a STEM student with access to MSDNAA, then you should purchase a computer with Microsoft Home Premium 7.0, 64-Bit and no less than 4 gigs of ram, although 6 would be better and 8 awesome.  Fry’s had a Lenovo for $478 dollars with 4 gigs of ram last week, so watch for deals, but make sure you get that video component.  The only cost to get in the game if you are not a student is the $100 fee to access the Windows Marketplace to sell your apps, students get it for free through 

Then if you are a student (and not just STEM), you have access to gives you the ability to get free access to the Windows Marketplace for your apps (NO COST for all students).

This is not a scam (ok for the Android fanboys or Apple Fanboys, I get it that you will lay a comment that all of Windows is a scam, fine, thank you), this is a way to make real money at no or little cost.  If you work at it and make at least 10 apps, you will be able to figure out how to be successful.







Comments (2)

  1. Crystal says:

    My computer has what you suggested except only 3 gigs ram, should I add more?

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    crystal, do not add more ram, you are fine.

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