Direct X 11, XNA and Blender

I am loading the Direct X June edition onto my system, and thinking: “Why am I doing this?”  Perhaps dear reader, you may view this as an attack on my XNA rants and dislike of low level programming (in this case using C++), or perhaps you may be thinking I stayed up too late last night with some friends.  Could be.

So if I have XNA on my system, and I download Direct X, what is the big deal?  Well with the Direct X there are a few goodies that are installed as well that can help you with your designing of games.  And let’s face it, if you are an engine builder, Direct X is the way to go.

But my reason for loading it on my machine is to start writing a series of data structure related blogs comparing VC++ data structures with the C# type of data structures, of course I will use the game to do the data structures.

XNA is very powerful and popular, but it is based on Direct X, and it appears that Silverlight and XNA will be merging on the phone, so I will have a few articles about that.

Finally, Blender, both loved and hated by all, has grown up, with good documentation, a business model (selling stuff to make money) and it makes sense to me.  So I will also be including Blender developed models in my discussions about 3-D.



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