Free ly Thinking: Can I increase the frame rate in Windows Phone 7


You can decrease the framerate, which you might do to conserve resources, but the framerate cannot exceed 30 frames per second on the phone.

The line I am referring to is:

TargetElapsedTime = TimeSpan.FromTicks(333333);

Although the emulator will speed up, the phone will not, yet another reason to have a phone to test with.

Seriously, to mess around with this is more advanced, and only do it when you are early in a project, not late in a project.

When I tested this it just messed with my brain, but it was kind of interesting.  No problem to generate a little code to test this, I used my bouncing ball example and just changed the number up and down and watched what happened.  This is in a previous blog entry:

Have fun.

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