HTML 5: What is in IE9?

HTMl 5 is still a work in progress, so if you are making decisions about how to design your web site you might want to turn down some of the excitement about what some of the browser fan-boys are saying on the web.  Also, when I read an article about HTML 5, make sure to note the article date, I have found myself reading an article that is a few years old and things have changed.



So as an IE 9 and IE 10 fanboy, after all I really like the features in IE9, take whatever I say with a grain of salt.  Also, make sure to read Doris Chen’s blog at

for better information about HTML 5.

And here is the reason I wrote this blog: HTML 5 in IE 9:

In that article, in case you didn’t just hit the link and leave my blog, you will find a single page on HTML 5 explaining video, canvas and other items that are new in HTML 5.

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