DARNIT! The example I found for Windows Phone 7 storage doesn’t work


Yep.  I forgot for some reason and just spend several minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with the code in the excellent example:


The article says it is for XNA Game studio.  Right, but it isn’t for the Windows Phone 7, it will work with XNA Game Studio 4.0, Windows base games, but not the phone.  Got that?  Ok.

The problem is that the example, as well as the “StorageDemo” example will not work with Windows Phone 7, you have to change the using statement and some of the code so that it maps to the Windows Phone 7.  Which I am working on, but aren’t ready to share, and may not.

Windows Phone 7 does not support the using statement:

  • using Micorosft.Xna.Framework.Storage;

Instead you need to use the following:

  • using System.IO.IsolatedStorage;

And attempting to add the reference to the Windows Phone 7 project won’t work, you will get an error.

Use this MSDN discussion to get started:

And then App Hub does an AWESOME link page at:


Over and out.

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