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Using Silverlight with your game can be helpful in making something that looks good and gives you a reason for using Expression Blend 4.0 for Phone that is supplied with the Windows Phone SDK 7.1. Get to Windows Phone 7.5 #1: From XNA to SLXNA Get to Windows Phone 7.5 #2: Adding FAS to XNA…


Positioning fonts on the Windows Phone 7 Screen

Lecture for tonights class, which I would like to share with you dear reader, the first part is about how to position fonts on the screen using the least number lines of code.  Unfortunately, it requires a lot of variables, but there you go, complexity comes in many forms.  Variables are easy to understand, but…


Free ly thinking: Codecs that are supported by Windows Phone 7

Often I think about the Codecs supported by Windows Phone 7, and when I do, I take a look at the URL: Pretty nifty, but always make sure to check to see if the codec is really supported by your device targets. And in this case MSDN does a good job of listing the…


Free ly Thinking: Can I increase the frame rate in Windows Phone 7

No. You can decrease the framerate, which you might do to conserve resources, but the framerate cannot exceed 30 frames per second on the phone. The line I am referring to is: TargetElapsedTime = TimeSpan.FromTicks(333333); Although the emulator will speed up, the phone will not, yet another reason to have a phone to test with….


Review of 101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, volume 1: Developing Apps 1-50

Pretty good, although a little out of date, but the projects for the most part work.  I didn’t work through all of them, but there are quite a few cute and interesting projects like the Talking Parrot (Chapter 35), nicely done. This is the type of book that gets you started with a little more…


Future of technology

This is a cool video, thanks to Scott Kerfoot.  Many of these ideas are available through the Microsoft Research Labs, except for the suicide doors on the taxi. As to the doors on the taxi in the video, that seems like a great way to die if your car is “T-Boned”.  Oh well. Otherwise, this…


John McCarthy, Father of Artificial Intelligence and LISP passes from this veil

It is sad to hear that John McCarthy has died at 84, he was still active on the internet with his web page and raising heck up to the end.  If nothing else, that is the way I want to go.  The articles about his death says he died of a heart attack, but those…


Bouncing off the walls: This is about colliding with the sides of the viewport

We all bounce off the walls from time to time, here is some code without explanation on how to do so.  You will need a really simple png image to make this happen, or even a real complex one. You will need a small png to do this app, I have attached the working code…


HTML 5: What is in IE 10?

In the previous blog post I discussed IE 9 and a short cheat sheet on HTML 5.  What about IE 10, and HTML 5? See the link for HTML 5: Of course for the place to go for HTML 5: Cool.