I just installed the Windows Phone SDK, but I get the MFPlat.DLL missing message, or your emulator doesn’t work

Yeah.  You installed the N version from the MSDNAA or got an N version from somewhere else, N Versions don’t install the Microsoft Media tools by default.  Why?  Lot’s of good reasons for enterprises, let say you have a group of people in a warehouse stocking stuff, you don’t need the Microsoft Media tools.

To fix this problem, it’s pretty simple, download the Media Feature Pack from:

If you have a video card problem, then you won’t see this error and that requires a different fix.  With video cards you will need to try downloading the latest drivers for your video card.  If that doesn’t work, you might want to check to see if your laptop supports a video card addition (some do, but not many) and almost all desktops support addition of a video card.  But that is a different problem from the missing MFPlat.dll.

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  1. vishnu says:

    yup, that worked, thanx 🙂

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