Getting started with creating Windows Phone Games for Imagine Cup, Part 1 of a bunch

So in past years, the normal approach would be for Imagine Cup students and professors to listen to me drone on for long periods of time about XNA and object oriented programming.  At the same time I was droning on, I would be wishing for put together samples that would require only imaginative  modifications to demonstrate the idea your team might have for the Imagine Cup.

For the Imagine Cup 2012, game designers have a big opportunity to use well designed and somewhat well documented windows phone games as starting points.  Now this might mean that you will have to reuse someone else’s code, but if I was to hire you, then you darn well better want to use someone else’s code, since I paid them to write it.  So this is perfect for students who want to win that free trip to Australia and first prize and to get use to the reality of the workplace: YOU WILL HAVE REUSE CODE WRITTEN BY SOMEONE LIKE YOU.

What is great is that the normal marketing that we have had over the past 8 years has been broken up, so this means that I can dig in and work with you directly. 

Getting started:

Once you have gone through the tutorials and worked the problems, you can now modify the side scroller.

Banner of Game Development Tutorial

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