FREE! Graphing Calculator from Microsoft for College Students

Feeling the pain and needing to buy a POS graphing calculator that you will only use for that one class?  Or you just dropped your graphing calculator on that concrete floor and it isn’t working!  Get the free graphing calculator from Microsoft! 

It does everything that a handheld graphing calculator is able to do with the expectation of the programming capabilities (not sure why that wasn’t included), you can get it through this program:

You will need to use your college email account (the one with the ending of EDU if you are new to school).

The calculator is named Microsoft Mathematics (yeah, if you are taking a Marketing class, you know that is an awful name for a calculator product, well be sure to apply at for an internship, we can always use your ideas).

So here is the awesome Microsoft Mathematics product!  You can see that the graphing is easy to use, it does calculus and all of the other math stuff you think you will never use in business.  (Hint: Not true in my career.)


Comments (2)


    This thing is RAD; bad to the bone, it may out do my TI?

    Thanks for another great product Microsoft!

  2. waseem says:

    It is most amazing and tremendous applicatioon

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