Free Software for Students (and this is NOT a rip-off)

If you are a student (as in any student) in college you can get significant free software through

  • In fact you can get Windows Server 2008 R2, which you could use as a client instead of server on a Laptop, but that requires a little effort, it COULD replace Vista on a Laptop.  But that would be advanced users, and because drivers for Laptops may not work with Windows 2008 R2, you have battery exhaustion problems, and so forth. 
  • With Windows Phone, you could create Windows Phone Apps that you can sell using the Expression Studio 4 tools with little or no programming needed.
  • Virtual PC can be used on Vista and XP, but isn’t needed for Windows 7 which has the Virtual PC built into the operating system
  • Some of the products are free and are offered in Dreamspark so that they are in the same link
  • Free Visual Studio 2008 Professional
  • Pluralsight offers free (professional grade) training




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