TouchDevelop: Creating Phone Apps on your Windows Phone 7

How do I distribute my apps that I create with the TouchDevelop scripting tool?  To find out how to use the TouchDevelop programming system visit:

The blog entry explains how to use the TouchDevelop.

To see the bazaar, where you can share script, etc.  go to: , sign in using Facebook or LiveID.  Once you sign-in for the first time, go to settings and make up a cool User name.

This is one of the best products I have seen on the Windows Phone 7 with solid collaboration especially around development, something I am very passionate about.

Now start developing script, ON YOUR PHONE, not your laptop or desktop, your phone, ok a WP7 Phone.

Some of the available apps for TouchDevelop:

  • Math Functions, a graphing calculator, but not a standard interface, pretty sweet.
  • Bubble Pop, just spent 5 minutes “reviewing” it (hopefully the boss doesn’t get to this point)
  • and so forth

Some features I would like to see on this site are:

  • A mobi-tag (QR or other) that I could click to get the program on my phone (similar to Android feature)

So it’s time to buy a Windows Phone 7 and learn how to program.  This is the wave of the future.

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