Bing Map SDK Beta, could you use it with Kinect?

imageChecking the most excellent source of all things Kinect and there is no demo project that uses Kinect with Bing Map SDK.  Think about it, if you watched the movie Minority Report (but not the Philip K. Dick story of the same name) the detectives were using a tool that looked a lot like Kinect.

So what would the specifications look like?

  • User identification: Kinect would have to securely identify the user without any other input then a verbal password and a face scan.
  • Maps would show data held by Azure or other cloud technology (since this is a “Big” government situation, it might be a private cloud)
  • Display would utilize existing surfaces or display in mid-air
  • Everyone who uses the system will look really cool
  • Bing Maps would be used (hey this is a blog post by a Microsoft Fanboy, but please feel free to leave any negative or positive comments at the bottom, I post them all).

To get started with the Kinect download the SDK here:

An example that you could use with the Bing map concept that I just discussed is somewhere on the Coding4Fun site in an article about Kinect, but either I am too lazy to find it or I am trying to get you to explore all of the cool stuff on Coding4Fun!

I think this is a great idea and I am definitely going to give it some thought and then likely do something else.  Maybe you could write a blog about how to do this and then I can reference it.

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