Do you hate your compiler class? Don’t be a hater, build your own compiler

Let’s get this clear, compiler nerds are often viewed as the rock stars of the computer science world. 

The article: Create a Language Compiler for the .NET Framework shows you how to build a simple compiler and gives you the working code! 


  • Modifications of this article by students is a great way to demonstrate the modern use of “Use” built compilers. 


  • You could use this to better understand how a compiler functions, modify it for use in a school project (make sure to use the proper references in your project)


  • If you are exploring .NET for the first time or looking for a good hobby, a compiler is one way to customize a solution for a customer.

Key points in the article and code:

  • How to write a language definition, this can be helpful if you are reading the HTML 5 specification for the first time
  • Compiler architecture
  • What is a scanner, parser and how to target the .NET Framework
  • A solid discussion about the IL
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