What are the benefits of the Enterprise Library?


Wow, this blog should blow my numbers out of the universe!  Well thank you for reading this!

Let’s face it, in future Windows Operating Systems, the requirement to develop using a consistent style is going to be critical, so I am really reviewing the Enterprise Library.  The benefits are:

  • The design of application blocks encapsulates the Microsoft recommended and proven practices for .NET application development.
  • These good practices are demonstrated in the overall design of the Enterprise Library, as well in the context-specific guidelines in the design of individual application blocks and QuickStarts.
  • Software developers can add application blocks to .NET applications quickly and easily.
  • For example, the Data Access Application Block provides access to the most frequently used features of ADO.NET, exposing them through easily used classes. In some cases, application blocks also add related functionality not directly supported by the underlying class libraries

Exciting?  Not if you are into Project Runway, but really good stuff if you are focused on making MONEY in software.  Poor development disciplines cost you and your team time.

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