An interesting paper on Point and Shoot outdoor game from AT&T

Now this is an interesting paper that I will definitely get to after I read all of the Clive Clisser books and so forth this vacation.  The paper describes how to design a game that uses the point and shoot technology using a smartphone.  It comes with all of the angles and dangle kinds of discussion that get me SO excited that I ignore my wife’s stern look that I am NOT currently working on the closet clean out project I agreed to over breakfast.

So zoom over and take a look at:

It an easy read, and quite interesting.  I put it in my blog so that I can review it when I get back from my staycation.  I was going to go deep sea fishing tomorrow but noting is running right now, so I might go out on a whale watching boat instead.

This is a great paper for you to read if you need some good ideas or just need to look busy.  (Just kidding.)

Over and out.

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