Got down to the Strand and did some body surfing

Road my electric bicycle down to the Strand and did some excellent body surfing.  I really like body surfing, no board, no nothing if the waves are right, as they were today.  Sometimes I use fins, but most of the time I don’t.

Right now, I am seriously thinking about selling my last surfboard, a 9 foot 4 inches (little less than 3 meters), or as it is sometimes called a log.  I could get $400 for it no sweat or $600 if I worked at it.  For me, body surfing, a sport that gives you this insane feeling of flight for a few seconds if you catch the wave just right, is very pleasant.  Also, I don’t have to carry the surfboard or boogie board down to the beach.  On the other hand, I do get the sand grinding my body every once in awhile.

Usually I like to ride the wave further than most people, not sure why.  Some people say it’s because I seem to be able to flatten myself so I don’t scrap the bottom closer to shore.  Or it could be that I can get out to the surf break faster than most people so going further in isn’t a problem.

Water was really clear, saw some Stringrays skating around and the usual cloud of minnow smelt shining in the sun running away from some unseen predators.

Here is what a stringray looks like, in the sand they will appear in outline.  If you step on them, the ray may slap you with it’s stinger.  They don’t want to sting you, so if you drag your feet they will run away.  A stringray is loosely related to a shark, but only the same way a house cat is related to a leopard or tiger.  If you don’t step on them, they are nice to have around.  Also, if you don’t take too many, and are careful about where you catch them (avoid sewer outlets for example) then they are good to eat and taste similar to scallops if prepared correctly.  Now I think that I will get my fishing pole and head down to get some dinner. Smile

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