What happened to the Immediate window in my Visual Studio 2010 IDE?

So you lost your Immediate window in Visual Studio and you want it back, well here are the ways you can get it back:

In the command window type immed and then enter.

Select Tools-Customize (that’s Tools, not View)



Select the command tab and then scroll down to the View-Other Windows selection, this is where you will place the Immediate window selection:


Click the Add Command button and then select Debug in the categories and Immediate in the selection list box Commands, then select OK:



You may need to move the Immediate command up or down, I like mine under the “View-Other Windows” menu item.


Once you get  everything set, you should see the following!



Comments (3)

  1. Ananya says:

    Alt+Ctrl+I will work too.. Its a shortcut

  2. MG says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. ELIIIIT says:

    Thanks! That was awesome! U helped my co-worker and my life alot!

    Hugs and kisses

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