Regular Expressions and Special Characters in the Console.Writeline

imageIn yesterday’s blog I stated something incorrectly and one of my many alert readers commented it on it.  Well if someone pulls out pen and papers, figuratively speaking AND they are correct, I need to answer the criticism.  Unlike criticism from a supervisor or manager, this kind of criticism is given freely and without damage to your career, so thank you abc.

abc pointed out that \t and \a are just characters, special characters and not regular expressions.  abc is absolutely correct, and I was mostly incorrect.  Ok, I was incorrect.

But in many languages you can use the “regular expression” engine to process strings, etc. 

You can use the regular expression engine in javascript, use the System.Web.RegularExpressions, you can see an example at this link, mainly because I am too lazy to write one:

Give the samples a try, and eventually I will likely pull the concept of regular expressions with the idea of XAML.

If you like to play around with this kind of thing, check out Whitespace, which is similar but interprets white space like tabs, spaces etc. for the programming language see:

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