Free, get ready for that interview: WPF with Data

Get ready for that interview or opportunity!

Check out the videos at:

The videos in the link are better then watching 15 House episodes!  It is unlikely anyone is going to ask you questions about House during an interview.  You know things like: Why aren’t there any orderlies? Do Doctors really do all of that stuff that nurses normally do? and so forth.  So check out the videos!

And of course, a video on Azure, which is after all is a way to use the biggest database of all cloud:




 funny cartoon of electrician dressed as superhero with bolts of electricity shooting from his hands and body; text says 'A P Electric - We'll electrify you'


Azure 30 Day  pitch:

First, before you do anything else, get that Azure account!  Click on that banner link and use the code to get the Free 30 Day Azure account (this is a limited time offer, so if you are reading this blog in the year 2525, it might not be in the banner).  Make sure to use the code: WRAC11.  Get the power of Azure by clicking on the image:

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