Free learning material for Windows Presentation Foundation, Big improvements in the Framework 4.0 material

Wow!  Previously the Windows Presentation Foundation was, to put it nicely, bad.  Now to put it nicely, it is good.  Impressive improvement.

Samples work, working links, and so forth.  Too bad that WPF is considered trailing edge technology by some people, I am really excited about it.  If this was a movie sequel, it would be one of those rare sequels that is better than the original.  Really.

Set these URLs into your favorites, bookmarks or whatever:

Everything Windows Presentation Foundation:

Check it out at:

A useful “What’s New in WPF Version 4”, again a big improvement, all of the links appear to be useful. So check it out.

So what should you do?  Sign up for the free Azure 30 day trial, keep in mind that hotmail/live ids are free, so if you need one, just get one. Winking smile

Then get your WPF knowledge, which is directly transferable to Silverlight and Windows Phone 7.  Use it to connect with Azure.


Sidenote: I get excited easily about technology.



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