XAML and SoundPlayer

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) has 3 classes that allow you to use multimedia in your applications. 

The classes are:

  • Soundplayer: Lightweight and easy to use, will run on Windows XP
  • MediaPlayer: No visual interface, cannot display videos, requires Windows Media 10 or higher
  • MediaElement: Wraps MediaPlayer and can show videos, has a video interface, requires Windows Media 10 or higher

Let’s talk about SoundPlayer:

In a WPF project (C# Express 2010 will do the job), cut and  paste the following XAML between the <Grid> and </Grid>

<Button Height="23"
               VerticalAlignment="Top" Click="Button1_Click">
                       <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Button.Click">
                           <SoundPlayerAction Source="MakeASound.wav"/>
           <ScaleTransform ScaleY="-1"/>
       </Button.RenderTransform> Button 1

In the Code behind class (usually MainWindows.XAML.cs) paste the following over the existing code:

//********************Start Paste Here**************

using System.Windows;
using System.Media;

namespace SoundplayerDemo
       public partial class MainWindow : Window
        SoundPlayer Phaser = new SoundPlayer();

        public MainWindow()


        private void Button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            Phaser.SoundLocation = "MakeASound.wav";


//******End Paste here***********************


Or use the attached zip file.


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