Apple demotes the laptop, desktop to a “device”, really?

Apple pronounces that your investment in learning how to customize your storage, use in the manner you wish, has just been demoted.  That’s right, your machine has been demoted.  Apple said, it must be true.

And what do you get from Apple? 5 Gigabytes of storage.  Really?  With Microsoft you get 25 Gigabytes on Skydrive, and if you have more than one LiveID you get more.  And generally you get to store what you want, not what Microsoft orders you to store.

Is your music illegal in your mind?  Well Apple declares that they will host your illegal software.  Microsoft makes DRM, and yes there have been problems, but how do artists prove that they want to be paid?  It’s a hard thing, but I think Microsoft does a better job.

I guess that Apple understands their customers and knows what to tell them to do.

I might be a Microsoft Fanboy, but I think that Microsoft doesn’t want to waste time telling you what to do.  We would like for you to buy our stuff because it helps you to manage your life better.

Plus, you can make a ton of money off of Kinect, Azure, Visual Studio, Office 2010, Office 365, Sharepoint, Windows Phone 7 and XBox. 

Looks like Apple wants to make you use their stuff and like it. 

Comments (4)

  1. Hari says:

    But am worried about the limit of a file size in skydrive. I really hope they remove this.

  2. Surf4Fun says:


    Completely agree.  That throttle function in Skydrive is just a pain.

    I think that there should be a nicely done virual campaign to get Microsoft to raise that limit or explain why it is there.

    However, as a stockholder of Microsoft stock, I do have to say, 50 meg throttle likely means that this free service doesn't overuse resources.

    As a Microsoft Fanboy, I say: INCREASE THE ALLOWED FILESIZE!

    Also, I say: DO A BETTER JOB of getting the message about the excellence of Microsoft out there!

    Signed: Fanboy

  3. JamesHanson says:

    That is why you fail……

  4. Surf4Fun says:

    James, yeah, Microsoft is more focused on building things and doing stuff.  The thing that Google and Apple does really well is getting their message out.

    I think that the Apple secret is that they have an attitude, which translates into the "cool" concept.  Microsoft suffers from a lack of attitude, we just want to build stuff and like that nerd that I was when I was a kid, be liked.

    As to Google, well, let's face it, Google = Advertisement.  Google is all about advertising without people recognizing that Google is about marketing.

    I don't agree that Microsoft is failing, but I think that we need to reach out and tell our story better.  I think that the changes in management at Microsoft is going to make changes in how we get our message out.

    One of the things Microsoft needs to stop worrying about is being "cool" and focus on an attitude.  Because isn't "cool" all about attitude that doesn't care about being "cool".

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