You can now use Visual Basic on Windows Phone 7 to do XNA development?

ExclamationVisual Basic can now be used to develop on the Windows Phone 7!  I wonder if Alfred Thompson knows about this?  I checked Alfred’s excellent blog and I don’t see this.  Yippee! I beat him to the punch!

Take a look at the Word document at:

For lovers of Visual Basic, this is a great day! 

This is good news.   Smile

Comments (2)

  1. You posted the news first but I have sample code up first. You can get it on my blog at…/windows-phone-7-games-in-visual-basic.aspx 😛

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Good Job Alfred, you one quick guy.  I was doing an Unleashed event with 60 Cal Poly Pomona MISSA students and Alice Pang.  This is definitely exciting. I hope that everyone takes a look at the Code. 🙂

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