Protecting your Windows 7 machine from viruses and phishing

First off take a look at the following URL:

Make sure you have done what is advised on that site, and please make sure that other people in your household, friends and family know about it.  You never know if your Uncle might have got a virus from one of those sites he visits.  Your aunt might have downloaded some “Emoticons” with a virus.  Or your younger cousin might have installed something from Facebook.

You need to step up to the plate and become the security expert in your social network.  It is a crazy world, and you won’t be disrespected if you stop someone from sending $80 to a phishing scam.

Ok, ok, I know I have been pretty harsh about Apple and Chrome lately.  But I am not going to apologize, however, let’s take a look at a comparison of numbers between Apple Mac OS X and Windows 7 over the past few months.

  • Windows 7, 50 vulnerabilities
  • Apple Mac OS X, 67 vulnerabilities

In either case is bringing up the number of vulnerabilities the kind of thing you need to bring up to your Aunt who just got the pride of her life: the Mac Airbook?  No, that would not be a good move.  Sort of like saying that her new puppy is ugly and meaning it in a bad way.

So how do you have this conversation with Auntie who touches her Airbook with that loving kind of touch. One way to start the conversation would to have her (or your gamer cousin) take the quiz in link below.  You might want to see how you do with the quiz as well.  And yes it is trying to sell a book published in 2005, but most of the messages are still valid:

Free online tool to scan for MalWare on the Windows 7 or other Windows OS:

Another way to have the conversation would be to view the video series that can be found at:, only one shown here.  If you get the arguments and discussions, make sure you can quote them from memory and go over it with your relatives, not showing them the videos, but you should do the demos.  Or better yet, work with your aunt so she can do them on the Apple.  This way she can help tell others about how to secure their Macs.

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