Microsoft research into sound and impact on music

To find out the latest on audio research at Microsoft (or the latest that can be discussed in public) take a look at the following link!

The paper that I read for this post can be found at:

I don’t know about you, but I would like to be able to use my in car microphone with it sounding bad to the other side.  The unified framework looks like a way to improve the speech recognition on the Windows OS, important for phones, data entry as well machinery control.

Speech recognition at Microsoft may be on a mend, with the drive for NUI, voice is going to have a bigger role.

If that is the case, what’s up with the Production Speech team’s web site?

I get a lot of questions from one of my neighbors, he uses speech a lot in his company.  I mean he does a large percentage of the worldwide speech oriented software sales, and he has to use IBM Dragon because his developers, who are super .NET developers, absolutely cannot figure out how to use Microsoft Speech in Windows 7. 

It is my hope that the speech team is doing something cool.

After all Kinect is going to be a blow away app next year, and speech could capture some of that goodness. 

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