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There are some excellent tutorials out there about HTML 5, but they seem to be fans of Chrome, which is ok, I am a fan of Internet Explorer.  After all it is just about technology, and frankly I like a technology religious war. But really, Chrome is insecure.

So I am going to point you to HTML 5 tutorials, but make sure to question their attitude about Chrome, just as you should question everything I remark on.  There are a number of tests out there that state Chrome is better than IE 9, really?  Shouldn’t you browser be secure?  Chrome is not secure, so even if it runs HTML 5 (and I question the tests) better than IE 9, I would use Chrome with caution.  For the current security readings on:

If you want a test drive that favors IE and other non Chrome browsers use and give the IE 10 product preview a try as well, wow!

Here are some sites, but I haven't reviewed, recommended by Ben L. and

Now that we have that out of the way, here are the HTML 5 tutorials you might want to take a look at. @@@@@

Neutral in tone

Good example of a tutorial, and a great starting place!  Although I haven’t worked through it, I will.  Nice look, good navigation, useful advertisements (hey you got to make money somehow!)

  • Positives: Many
  • Con: Comments are not posted directly so the students have no ability to ask questions, something that is important for learning, maybe a twitter feed to overcome this? @@@@

Neutral in tone

You need to scroll down quite a bit to get to the article style of tutorial (ok, I give up, articles can be tutorials)

  • Pro: Solid HTML 5 advisement
  • Pro: Good comment section with lots of discussion!
  • Con: Wow, lots of advertisement placed badly, but on a large screen you can easily ignore the advertisements @@

Neutral in tone

I give this tutorial @@ only because it is just a video, but a good video and worth the watching

Good comment section, I left a comment on 5/19/2011, so let’s see if the author is moderating comments. @@

This is a strongly chrome fan site.  It isn’t a tutorial site, it is an article site, nothing wrong with that, but it does not follow a “learning” format or paradigm. 

Response to comment: I left a comment there on 5/19/2011 around 9 AM PST, see bottom of this blog entry for the comment.  Now let’s see how long it take to appear.  One of the things that demonstrates a good blog or website is the ability to have dialog.  (So feel free to leave a comment here!) @@

Neutral article, is it a tutorial? No, it’s an article, but if you used the title: HTML 5 article, that would not be interesting.  Good article.  Short. Read if you need to get started. 

Comments: Uses Facebook, so I am never sure about those kinds of commenting systems (Per and reader suggestion, I no longer recommend this site, if you want to give me more feedback feel free to do so)

Somewhat neutral, advertisements are strongly google oriented

  • Con: Not recommended by, which was pointed out to me by Ben L. in his excellent comment
  • Con: Doesn’t cover HTML 5 specifically
  • Con: No direct comments, hey if you are a school you have to take comments

If you are just getting into HTML or have that interview you need to brush up for, this is the one you want to do @@

Aging articles, but worth the reading, neutral in tone











Comment left at

First off the first test of a browser would be: Is it secure, Chrome fails badly having more than twice the security issues over the past three monts as of 5/19/2011 than Sarari, IE 9, FireFox added together. See the National Vulnerability Database:

Now to the html5 test, seriously, is this a valid test? Well I can point to a test that shows Chrome’s lack of graphics acceleration for instance. See, try Chrome with that one, pretty bad when compared to IE 9, or Sarari, and if you try the IE 10 product review, all fall away.

Also, IE 8? Who is using IE 8? Now factor in the lack of security in Chrome, I would have to advise anyone who is going to use Chrome to make sure their antivirus be up to date.

Comments (4)

  1. Ben L. says:

    I was willing to tolerate the "blah blah your browser is insecure" nonsense, but recommending W3schools? Really?

    For shame…

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Thank you Ben L.  I have made mods to the blog post about per your feedback.

    The "blah blah" about Chrome isn't going to change however.  102 vulnerabilites.  Thats from NIST.GOV, not Microsoft.  You could be right, but I am keeping that in the blogpost.

    Look forward to meeting with you someday. 🙂

    Finally, keep questioning all authority and bloggers which are two different groups!

  3. Constatine M. says:

    Surf4Fun thanks for putting this list together and providing grading for each of the HTML5 Tutorials. Would you look at and give your feedback please?

  4. Surf4Fun says:

    Constatine M.

    Thank you for your comments. I have looked at the recommended website and will definitely mention it one of my blogs this week.  At this time I have done a through review, but generally I think it is nicely done.


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