IE 9 and IE 10 performance compared to other browser

Simply awful.  Chrome now has 102 security vulnerabilities and now it fails the paintball test, and the maze solver test, pretty slow.

Think about this statement:

  • "We are moving to a Google that knows more about you." —Google CEO Eric Schmidt, February 9, 2005
  • And yes Jenn, I know you like Google Search better than Bing

Ok, that’s mean for me to say, after all Google’s stock is over the roof price wise, but hey, Eric Schmidt said it. 

Of course there isn’t a Google employee reading your email, but the search engine reads your email so that advertisements can be served to you efficiently. 

Many people like that feature.  I don’t so I use Hotmail.  Oh yeah, I work for Microsoft.  So much for the validity of that statement.

Anyway, let’s take a look at actual numbers:

Chrome versus IE as of 5/17/2011:

As of 5/17/2011 Chrome has 102 security vulnerabilities over the past three months

As of 5/17/2011 IE9 has  14 security vulnerabilities over the past three months

Oh well, their stock is in good shape.  Again, Microsoft is good at what they do, and they apparently have gotten the Internet Explorer thing working well with the GPU acceleration.  Good.

Now let’s take a look at performance, which is pretty close, but only if you compare IE9 and Chrome, IE10 is FAST!

  • Number of seconds (the left hand number) lower is good.  Number of paintballs per minute (on the right hand) higher is good.


Google Chrome

Looks like Chrome needs to shine things up a little. Might want to start with the security thing.

The paintball looked bad, but the Maze Solver is terrible.


Maze Solver, over 6 minutes, IE 9 did in a blazing 52 seconds, IE 10 34 seconds


IE 9 64 bit

The paintball demo looked ok, but after IE10 looked slow



IE 10 Preview




Comments (7)

  1. Have you re-tested them with Chrome 12? IIRC, Chrome 9/10 is slower than IE9 when running "Maze Solver". Now it takes less than 5 seconds to complete it. I still wonder how could possibly Chrome did that…

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    I haven't, but I will and use it for a blog post.  

    Comments are always appreciated as long as they aren't pointing to porn websites or "Male" enhancements.

    Thank you Maximillian!

  3. slate_dk says:

    Tested on my Dell M6600 laptop

    Maze 40×40

    IE 9      29 Seconds

    Chrome 13  7,4 Seconds


    IE 9       65 Seconds 80 paintballs/min

    Chrome 13  50 Seconds 105 paintballs/min

    Comment about Paintball on Chrome 13: What is visible on the screen is not the same as in IE9; starting with the initial page where I cant see the text and arrow in the pink spray

  4. I tested this on my Core i5-2410M ASUS notebook with Intel HD 3000 and NVIDIA GT 540M.

    Maze Solver

    Google Chrome 14.0.835.187: 8.3 seconds

    Internet Explorer 9.0.2: 25 seconds

    I observed that Chrome 14 rendering is faster than IE9 for this specific test. Repeating the test over and over again would result in the same conclusion. I wonder how in your test environment Chrome could finish it in 380 seconds. What Chrome version are you using?

  5. Surf4Fun says:

    Thank you for doing the comparision, good job!  

    Answer to your questions:

    It was Chrome 11, looks like Chrome has improved quickly, now if they would focus on their security issues it might be usable.

    Too bad chrome devs don't do better on security vulnerabilities.  Performance is a good thing, lack of security is a bad thing.  Over the past 3 months there have been 80 vulnerabilities exposed at the NIST website:…/search-results

    For IE (all versions as well) the number of vulnerabilities was 12:…/search-results

    So performance must come at some cost to Chrome, what would the performance be if the Chrome devs had to build a secure browser?  Just curious.

    Thanks for the update though, most excellent!

  6. Peter says:

    My test result:

    chrome 16: 11 seconds

    IE 9: 25 seconds

    I don't know what you talking about but chrome is faster in every aspects.

  7. Surf4Fun says:

    At the time I wrote this article, it was in May and Chrome 12 was the version on the marketplace.  Google Chrome is sitll struggling with security issues according to the national vulnerability database.  However, you may be correct, but I won't load Chrome on my system due to the lack of security.

    Compared to the other browsers, including IE 9, Safari, and FireFox, Google Chrome is still an example of poor security practices.  As a result, I would suggest you switch to one of the other browsers.

    Over the past 3 months the browsers have the following security vulnerabilities, Chrome is still the worse.  So if speed and not security is what you seek, then it appears that Google knows their market.  We are the consumer, and we all make the corret choices for our own good.  I choose security over speed.

    Safari: 9

    Internet Explorer: 18

    FireFox: 20

    Chrome: 56

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