Learning how to Develop Windows 7 Applications using VC++

If you are taking one of the classes based on Dietel and Dietel, you might wonder: Does it really take that many pages to be skilled at VC++, or does Dietel and Dietel sell their books by the pound?  In an earlier blog, I questioned the use of MFC to build enterprise applications. 

One of the comments pointed out that Windows and Office are based on VC++.  How do you get started with learning VC++ and Windows 7 development using VC++?  One way would be to follow this link and work through the tutorials on the link.  You don’t need to buy a book, unless you are in a class that requires one or you simply like books.

For game design, you can use the DirectX Tutorials, but I would recommend that you take a look at Dark GDK, to use the Dark GDK it is best to use Visual Studio 2008


To use Dark GDK in Visual Studio 2010 there are two tutorials I recommend:



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Mary Jo Foley reports that it appears that Scott Guthrie got a real job, no more of this fun Silverlight stuff Smile :


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