Silverlight 5 Games: Looking around at the early bloggers

I would write a post with code, etc. except the numbers from those kinds of posts are usually poor.  It might be that my code based blogs are bad, but since search engines send most of my readers to the blog, it might be that people are looking for other things.

So here are some blogs I have read about Sliverlight 5:

Andy does some cool stuff, and the post below is a TOTAL blow away! Really, you are now wasting precious time in your life reading my blog, just click on the link below and get busy with Silverlight 5, don’t wait, you can always come back and read my blog later.


Silverarcade is usually a good blog to keep an eye, the sample code works and the author, unlike Microsoft MSDN authors, make sure that everything is available for you to review.  Unfortunately, the blog referenced below does have a link to AppliedI, and it took several refreshes to get to the download, first couple of times “page not found”.

SilverArcade is an awesome source of ideas, and frankly, I am going to definitely be following them. (And have been.)


These are the two best blogs that I could find on Silverlight 5 game design.


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