Is there a Visual Studio F# Express? Is there free stuff for F#?

I get that question infrequently, it is a good question though.  And the strict answer is no, there is no Visual Studio F# Express.  Now the BUT! 

There is no Visual Studio F# Express, BUT you can make a type of Visual Studio F# Express yourself, and generally it is faster than using Visual Studio C# Express.  You use the VS2010 Integrated Shell and then install the F# CTP.  However, if you already have VS Pro or VS Ultimate on your machine then you won’t see it, the integrated shell will integrate itself into the existing VS Pro or VS Ultimate.

F# Samples: , which includes 3D visualization and 2D visualization

Here is an example of the 3D visualization.



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  1. PP India says:

    You can always use SharpDevelop(open source and free) ….…/download

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Good point, and I hope everyone takes a look at the URL.  The site as of 5/3/2011 is not a spam site.

    Not sure why you would use another IDE, like icsharpcode, the Visual Studio Stand-alone and integrated seem to work fairly well and are extensible.   Then again, I didn't give it a try.  I would recommend that PP India do a YouTube video (no more than 3 minutes) explaining why icsharpcode IDE over other IDEs (perfer if you did it against Eclipse initially).

    But it certainly looks better than Eclipse and if I wasn't so heavily invested in Visual Studio, I might have a positive impression of this product.  

    My recommendation would be to focus on F# since there is no "Express" version.  Your competition as far as I can tell is C# Express.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Cecil says:

    I'll stick with cross platform IDE's thanks. I'll try F# when its supported under Mono.

  4. Surf4Fun says:

    Cecil, thank you for your comment!  And guess what? F# is supported under Mono, so I guess you can make the switch!…/GetMono.aspx

    For the code drop:…/fsharp pretty cool right!

    Cecil, let me know what you are using F# for now that it is supported cross platform, on Linux, Apple and Windows.

    Boom, there you go!

  5. Cecil says:

    Installed. It does seem very limited at the moment. only console projects with the monodevelop plugin. and it isn't standard in the current version of mono. "Following the open-source release of F#, Mono developers have announced that they will be including F# as part of standard distribution in the next long-term support release – Mono 3.0. Current versions of Mono already include some F# components, but were not tested with other tools such as F# plugin for MonoDevelop. Therefore we recommend using Mono 2.8 and installing F# separately…"

    thanks for that information though.

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