Artificial Intelligence: Reflections on Turing’s "Computing Machinery and Intelligence"


I have just finished reading "Computing Machinery And Intelligence" By A. M. Turing, and if you are thinking about doing game design, you need to read this article. It is humorous and fun to read, no math or symbolic logic symbols, clearly Turing was having fun when he wrote this. To find out how modern computer science see Turing, take a look at the excellent review by Robert Burke of the book: "On Intelligence" by Jeff Hawkin, find it at:

This is a great review by Robert, who has a very nice blog! Or better yet get Jeff Hawkins book, I will.

But to get started on artificial intelligence, you have to read the Turing paper and there are two sites that have the paper for free:

Remember links can die overtime, my apologies if that happens

Clearly, Turing didn’t see the use of AI for search engines, which I think is one of the most amazing uses of AI these days. Turing did talk about cognitive artificial intelligence and humor.  Another author that talks about humor and AI,  is Marvin Minsky at MIT, take a look at this paper, again a fun discussion about mechanical intelligence and humor, in an article titled ""Jokes and their Relation to the Cognitive Unconscious.", this is a pre-published memo, and I think reads very well, has NO MATH:

For High School teachers this would be a good introduction to artificial intelligence and a motivator for students to do programming and so forth. Is it possible to create a program that could create jokes? What is the nature of jokes, Marvin Minsky as usual has written a very readable paper, even if is a pre-publication memo.

Of course if I mention Marvin Minsky, then I have to mention John McCarthy, he has a great discussion on the question: "What is AI?" at the following site (NO MATH):

In this case, a high school student could get a good picture of what AI is used for, careers and so forth which includes game play.


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