Amazon Cloud Outage caused by network error

Ok, switching to troll mode. 

Wow, Amazon reports that it is a network error.  That’s descriptive.

Don’t expect any details yet, the analysis will come next week so that makes sense.

Be careful when you search for the information about the current outage, the earlier cloud outages take up a lot of the search returns.  This seems to happen every few months.

Just to be fair, what about Microsoft Azure uptime?  The last downtime for the Microsoft Azure system was in 2009. 

In case you might be considering changing from Amazon Cloud to Microsoft Azure cloud, here is the pricing and service level agreement:

The service level agreements are available in most languages (human languages):

You are guaranteed 99.9% uptime each month or something like that. 

Comments (5)

  1. have fun says:

    when your s****y cloud goes down.  d**k.

  2. Mary Jo Foley says:

    Hi. Actually, the last downtime for the storage component of Windows Azure — which I think is what's the most direct comparison to the storage pieces that went down on AWS — was mid-April. The outage took down a bunch of your customers. It was nowhere as severe as the Amazon outage, but you also have fewer customers, to be fair.

    More here:…/9269

  3. Surf4Fun says:

    Mary Jo Foley,

    Thank you so much, I did do a little research, but apparently not enough.  

    As always your posts are well written (as opposed to mine) and thoughtful.

    Sign me: Troll

  4. Surf4Fun says:

    Hey "have fun": Nice comment, you should really wash your hands before posting, apparently they are dirty.

    Mary Jo Foley's post corrected my troll like statements, gave a link to her blog and helped show that I was wrong.  She did so with grace and professionalism.  Again, thank you Mary Jo!

    Frankly, I like to see strong emotions in the comments, feel free to call me names, but really, avoid the "seven words", there are students, both college and high school that read this blog.  It is important to be professional and a good example.

    In the future please be critical, but skip the foul language, it is a waste of time and makes the situation for many creative people harder for them to use the web.

    Not being all that creative myself, I have no problem with your comments and as Mary Jo Foley points out, I could have been more accurate.

  5. Surf4Fun says:

    Just a note about my blog posts: I do post all comments except for spam, and wish there were more.  I do replace enough of the cussing so that you know what it says, but it isn't written out.

    Also, if you are a professional and feel offended at what I write, please make that clear, but don't use cuss words, it adds little to the feedback loop.  If you do it to me, no problem, I get it, and have done it myself in the past, so who am I to judge?  Ok, I can judge, so can others.

    Let's use this space to increase the professionalism of the blogosphere.  Feel free to be critical, feel free to flame me, but let's make sure other creative people feel that they won't be sworn at, it seriously scares them.

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