Links to Mystery SDKSamples for the Data Binding How-To Topics

Currently I am trying to put together my brain around the XAML databinding in a structured manner (which means I get confused easily).  So as I work through the gaining of knowledge, the writers of the articles for Framework 4.0 Data Binding fell back that they thought that the SDKSample code would be easily found by the reader.  Well not this reader.

If you go to the Data Binding How-To Topics the articles seem to point to an example, the article doesn’t show all of the code, etc.  But there is no link.  After a bunch of searching, I did find code samples for Framework 3.5, and work well for many of the articles.  The title of the article do not do not map to the samples, but if you dig around a little (or wait till I compile the cross reference) you will find the XAML that matches the articles.

The articles are good for experienced developers and where written with brevity in mind, but the wider audience usually expanded on the articles, but to a point of complexity that doesn’t help the neophyte.

So here is the full list of the samples (but no cross reference between article and code samples, plus these only illustrate the Framework 3.5, no new features in Framework 4.0):

Code Sample Link
Adding and Removing Groups Sample 
Binding the Properties of UI Elements Sample 
Binding to a Collection Sample 
Binding to a Web Service 
Binding to an ADO.NET DataSet Sample 
Binding to the Results of a Method Sample 
Binding to XML Data Sample 
Binding Using Composite Collections Sample 
Binding Using Data Triggers Sample 
Binding Using PriorityBinding Sample 
Binding Using XML Namespaces Sample 
Binding Validation Sample 
Binding with a Custom Value Converter Sample 
Business Layer Validation Sample 
Changing a Collection by Using IEditableCollectionView Sample 
Controlling the Direction and Timing of the Data Flow Sample 
Creating a Binding in Code Sample 
Displaying Hierarchical Data Sample 
Explicitly Updating the Binding Source Sample 
Formatting a String on a Binding Sample 
Implementing Parameterized MultiBinding Sample 
Implementing Property Change Notification Sample 
Introduction to Data Templating Sample 
LINQ Query Sample 
Master-Detail Scenario Using ObjectDataProvider Sample 
Master-Detail Scenario Using XmlDataProvider Sample 
Showing System Colors Using Data Services Sample 
Sorting and Filtering Items in a View Sample 
Sorting and Grouping Data in XAML Sample 
Validate an Item in an ItemsControl Sample 

Validate the Data of an Object Sample 
XMLDataProvider with Embedded Data File Sample 
Create a Data Object from a Text Selection Sample 
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