PLINQ: Parallel LINQ

Oh heck, I just got use to SQL, as in the Sequential Query Language, then LINQ came along and now there is Parallel LINQ.  Can I use LINQ in WebMatrix?

And as it functions, LINQ and Parallel LINQ works well, except that now the complexity level of software has risen again.  If I am a program manager, how do I know whether to use LINQ or PLINQ, or the other numerous object oriented languages.  If I am a professor how do I decide what to teach?

Think about this scenario:

  1. An insurance company has massive amounts of COBOL running their applications
  2. The insurance company has been moving their data to SQL servers, having trained COBOL programmers to the use of SQL Procedural approach over a few years
  3. LINQ shows up a few years ago, and now the COBOL programmers, who are not used to object oriented programming has to upgrade to object oriented programming
  4. PLINQ offers a way to easily utilize the data on the client and web browsers


LINQ Queries (isn’t that using Query twice?)  Can be used alongside non-LINQ queries in existing projects that target .NET Framework 3.5 or later. 

LINQ query with Intellisense

What about making efficient use of the multiple cores on laptops, servers and desktops, this is where the Parallel LINQ comes into play:

Comments (2)

  1. Destructive Coder says:

    Why would you use PLINQ in WebMatrix, that seems stupid.

  2. Surf4Fun says:

    Destructive Coder, Using PLINQ in WebMatrix might be a benefit, but I am not sure.  Could you check out the possibility of using WebMatrix on your web site and see if it performs better.  Actually I am not even sure that PLINQ can be used in WebMatrix and on my list of things to do, it isn't a priority to check out.

    So I guess your feedback is good, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it.

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