Digital Zombies: Real or Fantasy

Digital zombies, I have been giving this term some thought.  What are digital zombies?  Are the timewasting apps that get us to hang time on an app with an advertisement a digital zombie?  What about someone who hooks their facebook up to 4 square or similar to broadcast where they are located?  Is it that blogger who keeps writing about random stuff and you have to spend time figuring is there a reason for the post? (Ooops ignore that last one, that could be me!) Or, is it a zombie that only wants to eat your fingers (in English that is a “pun” or a play on words.)

The New York Times, the newspaper of record, has an article “Beware the digital zombies”, and defines a zombie as one of the computers in a “BotNet”.  However, that was in 2008, so maybe the term could be reconfigured to something else.

I like the use of Digital Zombie eventually as the term for Artificial Intelligence that allow people to upload their personalities (or in some cases, lack of personality) into the internet.  The Digital Zombies would be AIs that are stealing other people’s memory.  Of course there are game ideas. Could you use one of the free game engines to design the game for the Windows Phone 7, XBox or Windows, using Bing Maps?

In the interim, maybe a digital zombie is a completely useless app that wastes your time more than three separate times and take up 5 minutes of your time.

Katey the dog news:

  • Katey is biting more than I remember either of our other shelties did.  But she is having a number of her teeth erupt at the same time so it might be that she is in pain.  We ice up some of her toys and that seems to help. 
  • Katey is getting cuter and cuter. 
  • For example, Katey and I were out for a walk over the weekend when this mother & daughter just stopped, sat down on the sidewalk to play with Katey. 


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