{Dev:unplugged} contest: You can win $40,000 for entering this contest and submitting an HTML5 based project

Also, You can win an ASUS Eee Slate just by registering.  WOW!

Maybe I will do a few blogs on HTML5 and why it is important, how it will work with XAML, and so forth.

Maybe not.

Can you use WebMatrix to enter this contest? YES

Can you use Bing Map SDK to enter this contest? YES

Check out this contest and get registered by going to this site:


Normally I ignore these contests inside of Microsoft, but this one is really cool.  My main focus is on Imagine Cup and solving the big world problems. 

What would I do with the $40,000, but it is only a dream since I work for Microsoft:

  1. Pay the taxes on the $40,000 (taxes = $15,000)
  2. Invest in the Imagine Cup Teams, there were some very good ones, if that is allowed as a Microsoft employee (let’s face it, one has to be careful not to screw up the impartial judging efforts)
  3. Use another part for Stock Market investments
  4. Redo one of my 3 bathrooms
  5. Pay for training assistance with my sheltie Katey so I can enter with her into Agility contests

Saving a baby’s life is far more important than $40,000, and that is why I would invest some money into the Imagine Cup teams, if I can find other people to invest of course, and if it is allowed by Microsoft.  Of course, taxes come first as they must be paid.

Give it some thought, $40,000 after taxes can make things happen.  Pay for school, food, start a company.


Comments (1)

  1. Matthew Arguile says:

    TAXES!!!!! Ugh, you just reminded me that I need to do my taxes.

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