Object oriented programming is dead! Long Live Object Oriented Programming, ramblings about the past

Well it’s been an interesting week, Carnegie-Mellon declares Object Oriented Programming dead, my dog has chewed up most of the cheap furniture getting her new teeth and so forth.  Made me think about all of the things declared dead in software over my career, which no one can consider short anymore.  Sigh.

See: http://existentialtype.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/teaching-fp-to-freshmen/#comment-155

In my career, let’s see what languages have been declared dead, but live on, and yes I know the title says Object Oriented Programming.  Got distracted and this is what I wrote for the blog:

COBOL: Dead, until 2000, rose from the dead and lives on at insurance companies.  Make it go away.

SNOBOL: Interesting language, not sure it ever left NSA, http://www.snobol4.org/

FORTRAN: Declared dead yearly from it’s creation, lived as an introduction to programming for engineers until the 1980s, a solid run

BASIC: Declared awful, evil, dead on a daily basis, lives on as Visual Basic

JAVA: Never, ever, declared dead, until Larry bought SUN, but Microsoft got Matt Thompson who I think will make C# and Azure really shine (This isn’t a suck up because he is my manager, doubtful if he reads this far down in my blogs.)

C#: Has a language ever been declared dead so often that it has a permanent head stone over at Rose Hills

F#: Wow, miscarriage?  Dead before birth?  Nope, excellent Functional Language that the purist will love and others will hate.,

C++: Students hate it, large projects often die from it, but it lives on.

C: Got nothing, easy to hate, easy to learn, never declared dead, except by frustrated programmers and shouldn't be in this list.

Objective-C: Really, I thought this died in 1993

ADA: The true language zombie

White Space: http://compsoc.dur.ac.uk/whitespace/

Brainf..k: It is dead because of the name, but it is pretty cool, I will let you fill in the two dots. http://www.muppetlabs.com/~breadbox/bf/  Seriously never point high schools students to this one.

FORTH: Dead, but run into people who still are using it.  Similar to the BrainF..k. http://www.forth.org/, good for embedded systems

ALTAS: Abbreviated Test language for all systems, used to test avionic systems.  Seriously I hope this is not dead since the shuttle still has a few missions.

Comments (6)

  1. John Tarbox says:

    Don't forget APL.

  2. Michael Iverson says:


      Computer languages never die, they just get subsidized!

  3. Surf4Fun says:

    I FORGOT APL!  What does APL stand for?  Ok I'll wait while you use Bing to search for the answer.  Hmmmmm.

    Ok! A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE! What a hoot!  And as a language I loved it.  But like many young loves, it passed into memory (no pun intended).

  4. DelphiHatter says:

    Why Delphi is not in the list? Is it so dead that you don't even know it?

  5. Surf4Fun says:

    Odd, I just approved a comment (and I approve all comments that aren't spam or just ugly with cursing) about Delphi.  

    Oops, I forgot Delphi, many people think it is dead, but it isn't dead, it is alive and kicking with a strong user group.  There is a bunch of software that uses Delphi so it will be around for awhile.

  6. orecla says:

    IBM RPG – dead when punch card dead.

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